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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Animal Kingdom: The Tree of Life (WDW)

It’s Tough To Be A Bug


WAIT TIME – Moderate – This show may have a ton of people waiting but the auditorium is very large and it will fill and rotate audiences every 25 minutes.

KID GRADE(PG) Suitable for most ages.  Tiny children who have problems with the dark or giant black widows dropping from the ceiling should skip this one.  Little boys tend to handle it better than little girls.  (No, I’m not being sexist.  This is just based on my observations.)

ADULT RATING – .  A solid B for all around fun.

ITS TOUGH TO BE A BUG is always a good attraction.  Not only are you free to look at the Tree of Life in detail but the themeing is interesting and interactive. Nestled under The Tree, the line winds past and under it's branches, time flies while you stare at all the animals carved in it's surface.

It's Tough to be A Bug, is a 3-D show which employs sights, smells and physical interaction.  A little shout out to my school chum, French Stewart, who voices the acid spitting termite.  The story is engaging and the 3-D effects are dynamic while advancing the story.  My favorite character is the little blue butterfly.  I know, its lame but I like it.

While entertaining, it is a bit short and can freak small kids out. A few of the wee munchkins ran past me during the show with their parents following a few beats later. They hung by the doors until it was over. If you have very small children or ones that are afraid of the dark, spiders or bugs in general, you might want to skip this attraction.

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