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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Le Cellier - Epcot/Canada (2007)

I had lunch here in 2000.  It was OK but not great so I had lunch there in 2005.  It was alright but not great so I thought we would give dinner another try.

One word - sucked.  Food, service (especially service), timing, management, everything.  Just a total suckfest of suckness.

Here are the details: I was there with my BFF Catwoman and wanted her to see Illuminations.  Our ressies were for 6:30pm so I thought we would be fine.  We could eat and watch the show at 9pm no problem.

First, Le Cellier ALWAYS runs late.  Second, they didn't have our ressie.  So I pull out my confirmation number and find out it is at 7:30.  I say "Is this going to be a problem with getting out for Illuminations?"  They said no.  They lied.

We come back and have to wait another 15 minutes before we are seated.  I HATE having to rush but now we are.  It is 7:45 and we have to be out by 9:00am.

We tell our server we need to be out by 9pm.  She tells us no problem then vanishes for another 10 minutes without taking our order.  Finally she emerges and takes our order.

Catwoman starts with the Cheddar Cheese Soup:

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup - smoked bacon and Moosehead beer $5.49

Same a before.  Nice bite but a tad too spicy for me.  It must be the pepper.  It makes me cough but still nice.  A solid B

Duck Two Ways – Duck Confit and Seared Smoked Duck Breast with Chambord Syrup - $12

For my appetizer I go for duck.  The confit was too dry and pretty forgettable.  The duck breast was better.  It was tender and tasty  The raspberries paired well with this.  I give this a B- due to the confit.

Now we take a nasty turn.  The time is starting to get critical.  We can still make it if the waitress would just move it.  I use to wait tables so I know what I’m talking about.  Her station wasn’t that big, she was talking in the side station, etc.  CLEAR OUR PLATES AND GET OUT ENTREES!  She was as slow as maple syrup on a snowy Canadian winter.

So next she brings our mains.  Catwoman gets the prime rib which is cooked perfectly.  Both of us are dipped in blood carnivores and we like our meat mooing.

Herb Crusted Prime Rib - roasted Yukon potatoes, finished with a veal demi glace $25

Catwoman liked hers fine, not the best she ever had but not the worst either.  She gave it a B.  Mine on the other hand:

Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon - with Baby Bella wild mushroom risotto, white truffle and herb butter sauce, topped with fried parsnips $29

This was a HORRID DISASTER.  First the “fried” parsnips were chewy.  They were bendy.  This comes from stale parsnips and oil that was not hot enough.  The worst was the meat.  They cooked it.  It was Medium Well done.  It took me about 5 minutes to corral chatty cathy to show her the meat “does this look rare to you?”  She didn’t see what the problem was.  The problem is that it is burned.  It is cooked.  It is brown.  It is inedible.  I won’t eat it and NO you can’t do it over because obviously the cook doesn’t know how to cook meat AND we are running out of time.  Take it away, chuck it in the bin and bring me the mussels.  Mushroom Filet - F

Prince Edward Island Mussels - served chowder style with applewood smoked bacon and potatatos $11

Mussels don’t take long to cook at all.  I had Catwoman start eating.  She was ¾ DONE before they brought out my mussels.  The mussels were fine.  The seasoning was a bit .. interesting.  The chowder broth (a little chunky) was odd since mussels are usually served in a clear broth but it wasn’t bad.  I’d give it a B+

We both wanted dessert (which was included in the Dining Plan) but now it is 5 minutes to 9 and Illuminations will be starting soon.  The bill comes even before asking for dessert.  There is a mistake on the bill.  They double charged for water.  Ummm, non-alchoholic beverage is INCLUDED.  I am torn between just paying and leaving in a snit or getting desserts to go.  I call the girl over, point out the mistakes, tell her I am NOT paying for the water, they should REALLY comp our wine to make up for the food mistake which has ruined my dinner, we want dessert to go (the Moose off the kids menu) and I now hear Illuminations starting so she better run.  She said she had to ask her manager.  I told her to send the manager over and I’d talk to her but I wasn’t going to sit here debating it with her after this debacle of a meal.

I ended up insisting they take off the items, grabbed the dessert and ran.  We missed half of Illuminations.  All I can say is NEVER AGAIN.

Fortunately this was our worst meal of the trip.  The rest are much better reviews.

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