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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Station Cool: Innovations/Epcot (WDW)

ICE STATION COOL – Innoventions
Overall Rating = A-

Ice Station Cool is my favorite hidden secret.  On the right side of Innovations before you enter the walkway towards Canada you will see an iceberg set into a rock wall.  Enter this iceberg, walk through its freezer section and enter a cool room populated with FREE soda.  Before you get all excited, these are sodas that Coke sells in different countries that have WAY different tastes than most Americans are use to.  You can take a Dixie cup and try samples for yourself. Here are the selections and my observations:

Smart Watermelon - China
Tasty! Very light and refreshing, not too sweet  (A)

Vegibeta - Japan
It's OK, I expected it to be nastier like that Vegemite doody the Aussies eat (B+)

Mezzo Mix - Germany
Weak ginger beer taste, reminiscent of gummi coke bottles  (B+)

Kinley Lemon - Israel
Nice.  This is what Sprite aspires to be!  (A-)

Diet Tai Guarana - Brazil
Slightly nasty with that "soft" diet taste - just OK (C)

Lift Apple - Mexico
Nice and tart (B+)

Krest Ginger Ale - Mozambique
Not as sharp as USA Ginger Ale, a bit watery  (B-)

Beverly - Italy
God, this is awful! I don't know what's wrong with the Italians and I am one!  This tastes like a combination of Children's Tylenol and spit (F-)

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