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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station - Magic Kingdom

Now the last 2 times I have been to MK, this place has been closed.  That was in February and October.  But now in April, it is open.  I think it is pretty much catch as catch can.

I am glad that we did find it open though.  The counter service here was nice and that is saying something.  Food in the Magic Kingdom and at Disneyland as well has never been stellar.

Catwoman had the Vegetable Noodle Bowl with Tofu $6.80

I had the Chicken Noodle Bowl with broth $6.80

Both of these were surprisingly good.  The vegetables in both were light, crisp and cooked well.  The chicken wasn’t greasy, the tofu wasn’t mushy or bland.  There was a tray of condiments so you could add your own soy sauce, hot mustard or sweet and sour.  It was a nice change from hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.

“The best way to deal with these dishes is to treat them like Vietnamese Pho.  Add sweet chilli hot sauce, lime and a little soy sauce.  This adds a little spice without being overpowering and brings out the flavors more. 

Also they need a better variety of desserts preferably something with an Asian flair like a Ginger Cake or Mochi.  The pre-packaged chocolate cake they serve is a heart attack waiting to happen.  Get this – that little cake is technically TWO SERVINGS and is 440 calories for both servings.  However the frosting makes up THREE TIMES the calories of the cake.  So I just scrapped the frosting off and ate the cake.  The cake by itself without the processed lard topping was actually good.”

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