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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch (WDW)

Wildlife Express/Conservation Station



KID GRADE(G) Suitable for all ages.  Education made fun.

ADULT RATING(C+) For a cool place to rest.  (B) if you are adventurous enough to make use of the make-out booths.

It seems that Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a catch-all phrase for the Conservation Station since “Conservation Station” sounds boring and educational but “Rafiki’s Planet Watch” sounds all Lion Kingy and Hakuna Mutata and stuff.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s not bad if you want to trick your kids into learning a little bit between bouts of churro-induced sugar highs.

The one and only time I visited this attraction I was in one of those motorized chairs as I had sprained my ankle pretty bad before we left and since this was Halloween weekend I would rather die than wear my Sleeping Beauty dress with crutches.  So I decided to spare my ankle to save it for later.

The train ride was fine.  Not wonderful, just fine.  Of course I had to manuvuer in backwards with the motorized chair and I nearly made a few critters extinct as my driving skills leaved much to be desired.  Hope it was entertaining to everyone that got to watch.

The Conservation Station is a large building that houses the veterinarian areas and some educational exhibits. There is one room that is covered in real butterflies. It was really cool but I’d be afraid I would squish one by accident.

It’s a nice air conditioned place to go hide out in but I did find one thing that all adults can take advantage of – make out booths!  Yup, they have these dark little rooms where they show little movies or something. There were headphones hanging from the wall. I have no idea what they were for because I thought it would be a great place to make-out. However, I was increasingly paranoid that Disney cast members were watching us with night vision cameras. OK, make-out idea bad.  But at least I found something interesting to do with an educational exhibit.

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